The Story

          Ten-year old Siddharth is traumatized when he witnesses a religious ceremony gone terribly wrong. During this sacred ritual, his mother is consumed by flames and his father is horribly burnt. Once a normal, outgoing boy, Siddharth is transformed by the tragedy into an introverted child of a few words.

           While awaiting and praying for his father’s recovery, Siddharth is forced to live with his uncle. Continuing the inexplicable downward spiral of his life, young Siddharth is subjected to abuse from his aunt. The only bright spot in his life is the warmth he receives from his cousin, Druki. Despite the sad circumstances that have caused it, she is delighted to have Siddharth living in her home and existing in her life.

           One evening, as she is preparing for bed, Druki asks her mother about the death of Siddharth’ mother. Searching for words to give peace to her daughter, the woman tells Druki that God took Siddharth’s mother away because he loved her so much. Siddharth learns of this and is puzzled, wondering how it is possible that God loved his mother more than he. The question burns in his mind like a sliver and, try as he might, he cannot banish the tormenting thought. In his young wisdom, he finally realizes that the only one who does know the answer is God Himself. And thus begins Siddharth’s epic journey to find God and pose the question to him.

          With a childlike innocence, he begins this journey by asking those around him where God lives. Since no one can tell him where God lives, he decides to find out for himself. He begins on this path by watching those around him whose lives appear to be spiritual, feeling they may know where God resides. He visits temples, follows religious processions, spies on priests – always searching for clues that will lead him to God… always to no avail.

           In the depths of depression, the pointer to the direction he must go, finally and unexpectedly comes to him in the form of an old man who says he knows where God lives. The old man explains that, of course, God lives in the middle of the Himalayas. Enlightened and excited, he now prepares to embark upon the high path to God’s home. As they learn about this, his cousin Druki and Siddharth’s best friend, Raju, implore him to take them along. At first he resists, but when he understands that they too have questions for God, there is no way he can refuse. And so, the three set out to find God in his home.

           They begin their arduous trek riding atop a bus. But, before long, the bus’ passengers grow suspicious and they are forced to continue on foot. Along the way a helper comes to them – almost as if he has been sent to do so. Ali, a teenager who works at a highway motel, gains them passage on an Army truck, also joining them as he, too, has questions for God and is inspired by Siddharth’s plan. A harrowing struggle ensues as they ford a river, desperately scavenge for food and dare the howling winds of the Himalayas. As they continue their journey into the clouds – further challenges assail and assault the quartet… yet none can deter them.

           And then, true tragedies strike – Raju plunges through melted snow and drowns. In the thin atmosphere, Druki draws her final breadth. And even Ali vanishes into the consuming mists of the upper reaches of the Himalayas.

           At last, Siddharth alone reaches the mountain respite that is God’s true home. In triumph and humility, Siddharth poses his questions to God – questions that all mankind has pondered since time immemorial. In a scene as powerful as Lord Krishna’s narration of the Bhagwad Gita to Arjuna, Siddharth’s life is forever changed – and so shall our viewers’ as they come to bathe in the joys of God’s revelation to this simple boy. Triumph is Siddharth’s at last… for he has, with intrepidity, determination and pureness of spirit, sought God where he lives. And in that triumph, he comes to know the greatest blessing of them all… peace. Om shanti, shanti, shanti, Om.

The Journey

From what started off as an idea in Sanjay's mind almost two years ago, we have now completed one of the most visceral motion pictures to be made in the independent world in recent times.
Our journey took us to remote areas in Nepal, threw challenges at us that were both invigorating and exasperating, and the crew and cast have been through a ride that is truly befitting of finding God in the Himalayas.

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The filming of God Lives In The Himalayas has presented unique and sizeable tests to its makers, logistically, creatively and culturally. But, unfailingly, the unique aspects of Nepal, its rich culture, its wonderful people and the extraordinary benevolence of nature have gifted the project with a vision that is both energizing and exciting.
From all of our trials and tribulations, we have emerged with a wonderful film full of powerful moments that are as profound as they are simple. Now, we are stepping forward with the best means to present Sanjay's story to the audiences of the world, through all the world's finest film markets.
We thank you for your interest in our film, and we hope you will soon get to see God Lives in the Himalayas in a theatre near you.

God Lives in The Himalayas has just started screening to select private audiences and awaits distribution.  Please watch this space for updates.

The People

Sanjay Srinivas          - Writer, Director

Sunil Thapa                - Line Producer, Nepal

H. M. Ramachandra   - Director of Photography

Vivek Sachidanand   - Sound Designer

Saurav Sarkar            - Executive Producer

Omar Kaczmarczyk   - Executive Producer

Bala Senthil Kumar   - Co-writer, Chief Assistant Director, Associate Producer

Sanjib Dutta   - Editor


Chequered Flag Entertainment Company presents

A film by Sanjay Srinivas
God Lives in the Himalayas

In association with
Jain Education Group, Bangalore

Precious Art Films, Nepal


Bijwol Giri

Sapna KC

Bob karanjeet

Shagun KC

Melina Manandar

Dhiren Shakya

Malvika Subba

and Sunil Thapa

Line Producers

Sunil Thapa (Nepal)

Parvez Malik (Kashmir)

Chief Asst. Director

Bala Senthil Kumar

Post Prod. Supervisor

Dhaval Shah

Script Translated by

Yuvraj Ghimire

Manoj Dahal

Background Score

Raju Singh (India)

in association with

Kutumba (Nepal)

Sound Design



Sanjib Dutta

Director of Photography

H. M. Ramachandra, Halkare


Sanjay Srinivas


Sanjay Srinivas

Bala Senthil Kumar

Dhaval Shah

Executive Producers

Omar Kaczmarczyk

Saurav Sarkar

Produced by

1. Vijay Srinivas
2. Chenraj Jain
3. Anmol Saxena
4. Saket Jalan
5. D P Sangal
6. Anil Joglekar
7. Anuja Anil Joglekar
8. Jyoti Sanjay Srinivas
9. Krish Shetty
10. K. Venu
11. Sameer Gupta
12. Kaushal Makhija
13. Hema Krishna Shetty
14. Jayakrishnan Balachandran
15. Rashmi Agarwal
16. Rakesh Mishra
17. Bahumeet Arora
18. Ramji Jagannathan
19. SathyaNarayana Moorthy Kasthuri
20. Ranjani Anand
21. Abdullah Ajmal
22. Shahzad Shaukat Sharif
23. Meera Prabhakar
24. Sunil Prabhakar
25. Alkesh Niranjan Joshi
26. Dr. Pradeep Chopra
27. Narayanan Sathiyanathan
28. OmPrakash LakshmiNarayanan
29. Balachandran Muralikrishnan
30. Sudheer Pillai
31. Anurag Bhatnagar
32. PrabhuDas Ambaram Mistry
33. Abhishek Jhunjhunwala
34. Shalini Jalan
35. N. Babu
36. Shyama Maheshwari


1. Sumit Agarwal
2. Deepak Deshpande
3. Haresh Patel
4. Janet Anita
5. Umesh Tulsyan
6. Peeysuh Kumar Mishra
7. Venkatesh Natraj
8. Gomathi Natraj
9. Deepak Kamath
10. Avinash Welekar
11. Vinay Rungta
12. Vijay Gorasia
13. Zainab Malubhai
14. Sonali Sarcar
15. PrakashSrinivasan
16. Sharad Rungta
17. Vijay Bhalaji
18. Manoj Sekseria
19. Yashika Sumeet Agarwal
20. Muhammad Kashif Zaman


Sanjay Srinivas

Directed by

Sanjay Srinivas

Associate Producer

Bala Senthil Kumar

Script Supervisor

Dhaval Shah

Second Assistant Director

Binod Paudel


Siddharth - Bijwol Giri

Druki - Sapana KC
Raju - Bob Karanjeet

Ali - Shagun KC

Old Man & God – Sunil Thapa

Siddharth’s Mother – Malvika Subba

Siddharth’s Father - Yuvraj
Siddharth’s Uncle - Dhiren Shakya
Siddharth’s Aunt - Melina Manandhar
Havan Priest - R. P. Pant
Raju’s Father - Badri Karki

Raju’s Mom – Tara Khati
Temple Priest - Rajan Devkota
Teacher 1 - Samjhana Shrestha
Principal - Parbati Sunam

Ravan - Sirish Gurung
Ram - Bhupesh Khati

Hanuman - Prabin Pariyar
Alok – Jiten

Drunkard – Manoj KC

Army Truck Driver – Manoj Kuwar

Camera Unit

Chief Assistant Cameraman - Nuthan Nagaraj

Second Assistant Cameraman - George Thomas

Focus Puller - Guda Gopi

Camera Attendants - Guda Gopi

Pedapalli Srinivasu

Mekala Srinivasa Rao

Light Boys


Rajesh Tripathi

Sirus Joseph

Yashwant Panday

Bablu Kumar Panday

Suresh Kumar

Stephen B Joseph

Robin Panday


Bhuneshwer Panday

Krishnamohan Panday


Babu Shrestha

Dil Lama (Ronaldo)

Hari Lama

Shesh Raj Subedi

Chandrika Thakur

Jimmy Jib Crew



Generator Operator – Salauddin
Sound Unit

BOOM MAN - Thota Obulesu

SOUND ATTENDANT - Satya Prakash Maurya

Production Unit




Arjun Pokhrel

Shiva Sigdel


PRODUCTION MANAGER – Kuldeep Singh Dhaliwal

ART DIRECTOR – Pasang Sherpa


Nima Sherpa

ACTION DIRECTOR – Rajendra Khadgi

COSTUMES BY– Binod Paudel

Dhaval Shah

Bipna Thapa

MAKE-UP & HAIR – Anju Lama KC


DRESS MAN – Badri Karki

MAKING - Bhim Rana

Susan Prajapati

STILLS – Jyoti Sanjay Srinivas

Bala Senthil Kumar


Tirtha Lama

Maila Lama

Rabin Paudel

Raju Funyaal


Ram Lama

Raju Lama

Jiwan Koirala




Buddha Khadki

Bishnu Khadki

Tulsi Maharjan

Bishwaram Maharjan

Shyam Maharjan

Ganga Tiwari

Production Unit (Kashmir)



LIGHT BOY - Ramesh Singh


DRESSMAN - Sajjad Ahmed

MAKING - Surjit Singh

TREKKER - Sona –ullah –Shiekh


Qasim Ali

Nisar Ali

Ali Mohammed

CATERING - Abdul Rehman


Bilal Butt



Majid Khan

Latif Dar

Equipment Suppliers

Camera – Arri 535 – Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad

Arri 435 - Ramnod Labs, Mumbai

Lights – Santosh Sivan Production (Mumbai)

A . R. Lights (Mumbai)

Bhim Rana (Nepal)

Jasmin Films (Nepal)

Focus Lights (Kashmir)

Jimmy Jib – Surender

Generator – Essem Power System

Sound Equipment – Girkar Brothers Audio Pvt. Ltd.

Post – Production


Prasad Film Labs

Assistant Editor

Bishwa Ranjan

Editing Studio

JPR Audio

Visual Effects Studio


Sound Editor – R. Ranganath

Sound Design Studio

HashTone Post Sound

Dubbing Studios


Verve Studio

Foley Studio

Aradhana Sound Service

Foley Artist

Karnail Singh

Sajjan Chowdhry


Amrit Pritam, Canaries Post Sound


Ajaykumar P.B, BR Studios

Sound Optical

BR Studios


Futureworks Media Limited, Mumbai

GRAPHICS DESIGNER (Brochure, Posters)

Manoj Zore, Ideas and Dreams

Bala Senthil Kumar

Legal Advisor

Gunakar Shetty


Sanjay Pradhan


Hotel Manaslu (KTM)

Hotel Gangjong (KTM)

Pension Vasana Hotel (KTM)

Hotel Ashoka (KTM)

Mountain Resort (Bandipur)

Peepal Chautari (Bandipur)

Panorama Hotel (Syangboche)

Glacier Hotel

Snow Land


Adventure Glacier (Ktm)

Al-Moin Tours


Yeti Airlines

Special Thanks:

Amar Pradhan (Photo Concern Pvt. Ltd.)



The Hollywood Reporter of 3rd November carried this advertisement:




Variety Magazine ( carried this advertisement of God Lives In The Himalayas in their American Film Market edition, on the 5th of November, 2007.

All formal releases to the Press will be found in this section as we go ahead.

The same with upcoming meetings with the Press.

Members of the press are requested to kindly write to if they wish to request any specific information

Contact us

Sanjay Srinivas -

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Please re-visit this section for information about our next film festival participation.
Contact - or call us at +1 323 733 1000

God Lives in the Himalayas had a packed house for its world premiere at Pusan, Korea, during the Pusan International Film Festival, Asia's largest film festival. The film was sold out both for the opening show and the 14th Oct 2009 screening as well. Audiences gifted the director with everything ranging from books to a pair of jeans and showered with love! Thank you, South Korea!

The Nepal release is slated for the 8th of January 2010. This much awaited film is finally hitting the theatres in its country of origin - always a special moment, and Nepal's audiences will finally get to see a film they have heard a lot about during our time there, since pre production and principal photography.

We are also happy to announce our official selection to the 40th International Film Festival of India in Goa, which gets under way on the 23rd of Nov. 2009 and goes on till the 3rd of December 2009.

Student audiences from schools are enjoying God Lives in the HImalayas across India, starting from Mumbai. Despite the caution exercised due to the swine flu scare, October and November have been busy months for this activity.

Principal photography started on the 1st of March, 2008 at Panauti, just outside Kathmandu. We have now completed principal photography and are into post production and worldwide promotion for sales of the motion picture.
Our first stop in this endeavor was the Cannes Film Festival, where the promo of the film was very well received.
Mr. Yuvaraj Ghimire provided services as Literary Consultant for adaptation of the screenplay to the Nepali language.
KUTUMBA (, have been secured as Composers for background and theme music.
Mr. Dhiren Shakya and Ms. Melina Manandhar played leading adult roles.
The Film Board of Nepal provided its fullest possible support to the filming and promotion of God Lives in the Himalayas.

As of October 11th 2007, LongTale LLC (, a global Intellectual Property Asset Management company has been secured for the worldwide distribution of God Lives In The Himalayas. Led by the veteran of independent film distribution Mr. Omar Kaczmarczyk, LongTale has announced God Lives In The Himalayas at the recently concluded American Film Market 2007.

The Nepal Tourism Board came forward to support the filming and promotion of God Lives in the Himalayas.